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Burnsville Food Truck Storymap

Burnsville Food Truck Storymap

The City of Burnsville completed an Economic Development Strategic Plan in which they are looking to redevelop portions of the City and attract businesses and workforce. As support to this Strategic Plan, AE2S worked with the City to create an authentic brand through a discovery process. Additionally, AE2S created an Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan that will support the goals in the Strategic Plan and is currently working the tactics from the plan

Grand Forks UND Parking Lot Improvements

UND Parking Lot Improvements

During the spring of 2014, the University of North Dakota decided to move forward with repairs on three existing lots in various locations around campus. The lots included an existing concrete parking lot along Tulane Court student housing, the large asphalt lot along 6th Avenue adjacent to Delta Upsilon Fraternity, and the existing partial asphalt/gravel lot along Harvard Street behind the Archives coffee shop