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Empowering Your Project with the Latest Technology

The latest technology enables us to better visualize, manage, and design projects – as well as ways to better communicate and bring clients into the project.  We also can help clients have the information they need to better plan for the future right at their fingertips.

From 3D design and BIM to custom planning tools, we’re committed to staying on top of technology.

Capital and Operational Planning with AE2S OptX

AE2S OptX can be a powerful tool to help you combine asset management and capital planning.
Live Capital and Renewal Planning:
  • Optimization | Risk Mitigation | Prioritization

Operations Forecasting and Budget Setting:
  • O&M Cost Projections | Reserve Planning | Cash Balance Tracking

Predictive Affordability Considerations:
  • Utility Rates | Taxes | Fees | Assessments

Bringing Your Vision to Life: 3D Renderings for Your Project

3D renderings are a powerful tool for creating realistic visualizations of architectural and design projects. They use advanced software to create three-dimensional models of buildings, landscapes, and interiors, allowing designers and clients to view and evaluate projects from all angles.

With 3D renderings, it’s easier to make informed decisions about design choices, catch potential issues before construction begins, and ensure that everyone involved in a project is on the same page.