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Civil Engineering

Grand Forks University Avenue Improvements

Grand Forks University Avenue Improvements

The City of Grand Forks was beginning to plan the anticipated mill and overlay of University Avenue when the University of North Dakota (UND) approached the City and asked to consider cost-sharing in a much larger project – the complete reconstruction and beautification of this heavily traveled corridor through the heart of campus. The project included installation of new utilities and a brand new road section with new street and pedestrian lighting, as well as architectural components and irrigation for the new landscaping

Deadwood Welcome Center

Deadwood Welcome Center

AE2S provided civil design and surveying services for construction of a new Welcome Center and parking lot on the existing site located on the east side of Lower Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota.
The project was completed in two phases: The South Phase consisted of the demolition of the southern portion of the parking lot and all civil related work encompassing the Welcome Center, including transit access, parking, pedestrian access, retaining structures, building utilities, etc

Williston 18th Avenue Water Main

Williston 18th Avenue Water Main Improvements

The City of Williston was encountering difficulties in supplying water to the east side of the city due to growth and increased demand from the regional rural water system.
AE2S prepared a hydraulic model of the City’s water distribution system, which identified the existing 12-inch ductile iron water main in 18th Street as needing to be upsized to deliver the necessary water volume

Parshall 2018 Street and Utilities Improvements

Parshall 2018 Street and Utilities Improvements

The City of Parshall’s existing streets were built in 1962, and portions of the sanitary sewer system date back to the 1940s. Rapid population growth exerted significant pressure on the aging municipal sewer and street infrastructure system and drove the need for infrastructure expansion to support the rapid growth. Inflow from storm events and infiltration from high levels of ground water had been causing major problems with the City’s existing clay pipe trunk lines and masonry manholes

Spearfish Jackson Boulevard Street and Utility Improvements

Spearfish Jackson Boulevard Improvements

AE2S is providing design and master planning services for improvements to Jackson Boulevard, including streetscaping, traffic analysis, landascaping, pavement improvements, water mains, sewer mains, lighting, storm sewer and utility relocations. Jackson Boulevard leads from I-90 Exit 12 to the heart of Downtown and is the primary east-west corridor for local traffic and to Black Hills State University

Grand Forks UND Parking Lot Improvements

UND Parking Lot Improvements

During the spring of 2014, the University of North Dakota decided to move forward with repairs on three existing lots in various locations around campus. The lots included an existing concrete parking lot along Tulane Court student housing, the large asphalt lot along 6th Avenue adjacent to Delta Upsilon Fraternity, and the existing partial asphalt/gravel lot along Harvard Street behind the Archives coffee shop