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WTP PLC Upgrades and SCADA Improvements


Ft. Pierre, South Dakota

About the Project

The Oglala Sioux Rural Water Supply System (OSRWSS) receives treated water from the Mni Wiconi Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Ft. Pierre, SD.

OSRWSS then distributes the treated drinking water to four different rural water systems. These include:
  • The Oglala Sioux Rural Water Supply System (OSRWSS) on-Reservation Distribution System.
  • Rosebud Rural Water System.
  • Lower Brule Sioux Rural Water System.
  • West River/Lyman-Jones Rural Water System.
The OSRWSS Core System, operated by OSRWSS, facilitates the distribution of water to these rural water systems.

WTP PLC Upgrades and SCADA Improvements
Project Details

Date: 2017 – 2018

Client: Oglala Sioux Rural Water

Key Project Elements
  • System Assessment
  • Managed Switch Installation
  • Multiple Remote Sites
  • Factory Talk SE

Enhancing SCADA System Reliability

AE2S recently upgraded the standalone FactoryTalk View (FTV) SE system to redundant SCADA servers, a dedicated historian server, and Remote Desktop Server for the client connections, and set up six iPads for remote access into the SCADA system.

The standalone FTV SE SCADA server was a single point of failure for both operations and storing historical data. The SCADA server was running on a workstation class personal computer running Windows XP which had been unsupported for several years.

To maximize reliability and resiliency for the SCADA system, the workstation needed to be upgraded. AE2S designed the architecture for the new SCADA system, procured the hardware and software, and installed the new SCADA servers.

Redundant Servers, Virtualization, and Enhanced Monitoring for Improved Operations

To accommodate the SCADA architecture, two physical servers (hosts) were installed with VMWare virtualization software for individual application servers. VMWare reduces the number of physical servers needed by allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single server simultaneously.

The FTV SE SCADA software was installed on a server located on each host to provide the SCADA redundancy. If one physical server failed, the SCADA system would continue to run and collect data on the other server with no disruptions.

AE2S converted the standalone FTV SE application to run in a redundant environment and configured the control room station to display on three large screen monitors.

In addition to this project, AE2S has completed several SCADA system improvements for OSRWSS/Mni Wiconi WTP including fiber optic network improvements, treatment process optimization, and PLC upgrades.

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OSRWSS Mni Wiconi WTP PLC Upgrades and SCADA Improvements