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water distribution pipeline replacement

School Marm Water Transmission Replacements

Keystone, Colorado

Project Overview

The one-million-gallon Schoolmarm Water storage tank is the only water storage source that feeds Snake River Water District’s base 2 pressure zone. Upon completion of a risk assessment during AE2S’s SRWD Master Plan, the 12-inch ductile iron pipe that connects this tank to the system was determined to be at high risk of failure and in need of replacement due to the age of the infrastructure. AE2S was tasked with replacing 2,300 feet of pipeline, constructing a new tank roof hatch to improve access during winter months, and improving the electrical tank automation systems including new SCADA, radio antenna, and level transducer. Rehabilitation efforts were also completed inside the tank to ensure longevity and cleanliness of the tank structure. Coordination with CDPHE water quality division was essential to ensure quality assurance of the improved infrastructure before, during, and after project completion.

water distribution pipeline replacement
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Special Consideration

An important part of the project was ensuring structural integrity of the pipeline that lays within a notoriously unstable hillside in corrosive soil on the Keystone Ski Resort boundaries and Forest service property. Extra precautions were taken during design to ensure the pipeline would be able to move and shift with the hillside without bursting. This was accomplished by adding flexible expansion joints at multiple critical locations along the pipe profile. Additional products were used to prevent pipe corrosion, including V-Bio Wrap and CAD-welded sacrificial anode system along the full length of pipeline that would ensure two reliable systems of pipe corrosion protection. There was also a need for improved electrical systems around the tank to ensure accurate level monitoring, existing electrical controls were relocated inside a new structural tank roof hatch that also double as improved winter access since the tank is located on a busy ski trail within the popular Keystone ski resort. In addition to technical considerations, the team was tasked with ensuring water was still available to customers during construction. AE2S helped with recommendations of a pressure tank system that allowed limited water supply to users within the base 2 pressure zone while construction was being completed

The End Result

The District is quite satisfied with the improved and up-to-date electrical SCADA systems provided to track and automate tank levels along with the improved hatch on the tank roof that now allows year round access for ease in maintenance operations.  This project additionally provided peace of mind and reliability to one of the districts most critical pieces of infrastructure that will last well into the future.

Project Details

Date: 2023

Client: Snake River Water District

Key Project Elements
  • Ductile Iron Pipeline Replacement
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Hydralic Modeling
  • Seismic Fittings
  • SCADA Improvements
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Schoolmarm Water Storage Tank Improvements and Distribution Pipeline Replacement