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PFAS Testing Assistance

PFAS Sampling Assistance and Treatment Options

Keystone, Colorado

Project Purpose

AE2S worked collaboratively with Snake River Water District (SRWD) to develop an investigation of the level of PFAS contamination in SRWD facilities and design a treatment alternative to meet the proposed PFAS regulations. In addition, AE2S is assisting SRWD in obtaining CDPHE PFAS SB 20-218 Grant funding.


AE2S developed a three-phase approach which included the development of a Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP), sample collection, and a PFAS Treatment Feasibility Study. 

Sampling Analysis Plan

The SAP outlines the methodology and plan for lab analysis. Sample collection will happen over the course of a year and will include sampling at eight wells, as well as two entry points post-treatment.

PFAS Treatment Feasibility Study

The PFAS Treatment Feasibility Study includes identification and analysis of treatment alternatives.  The configuration of pressure vessels at SRWD’s Base 3 WTP will be able to accommodate PFAS Treatment.  Capital and life cycle costs, as well as site layout options, will be developed for the recommended alternative. 

Project Details

Date: 2023 – 2024

Client: Snake River Water District

Key Project Elements
  • Determination of Presence and Magnitude of PFAS Contamination
  • Identification and Evaluation of PFAS Treatment Options
  • Funding Assistance
  • Support Navigating Pending PFAS Regulations
Funding Assistance

Applications were submitted for three CDPHE PFAS Grants for this project:

  • Applied for and approved Emergency Independent Environmental Study – Phase 1 Sampling & Monitoring. Completed two rounds of PFAS sampling on January 29th, 2024. Grant was approved for up to $45,256
  • Applied for an Independent Environmental Study Grant – Phase 2 Sampling & Monitoring for two rounds of PFAS Sampling in 2024 – $45,360
  • Applied for a Construction Grant – Phase 3 PFAS Treatment Feasibility Study – $129,531
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PFAS Sampling Assistance and Treatment Options