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Western Area Water Supply SCADA System

Northeast Regional Water District

About the Project

North Valley Water District, (NVWD) located in Pembina County, ND, was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1972 and formally became a water district in 2000. The initial system included a 2,000 gpm water treatment plant and served approximately 975 farmsteads (2,400 people) along with bulk supply to the communities of St. Thomas, Osnabrock, Milton, and Mountain.

Langdon Rural Water District (LRWD), an adjacent regional water provider located in Cavalier County, ND, was organized in 1989 and provided potable water to approximately 290 members, consisting of rural farmsteads and the communities of Olga, Concrete, Edmore, and Nekoma. Initially, LRWD purchased water treatment from a WTP located in Langdon.

Project Details

Date: 2016 – Present

Client: NE North Dakota

Key Project Elements

More than tripling service by joining together

More Than Tripling Service

In 1993, AE2S was retained by both systems (separately) to help improve and extend their service. Over the course of 20 years, AE2S remained a resource for both systems and helped the districts add a total 4,100 people to NVWD and 2,269 people to the LRWD.


Joining Together for Better Service

By analyzing the benefits and opportunities, AE2S assisted LRWD and NVWD in merging their separate entities together to create a new entity named Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD).

New Opportunities

Shortly after the merger, the newly created NRWD challenged AE2S to find a new water supply for a section of the district. With multiple options and alternatives considered, AE2S worked with NRWD and developed a comprehensive and cost effective solution.

The solution included discontinuing the service from the Cando and Langdon water treatment plants and purchasing water from the City of Devils Lake. The comprehensive solution united the surrounding cities and formed a regional system that serves an overall population of 18,000 people.

The new water supply agreement consists of buying bulk water from the City of Devils Lake and piping/pumping the water through 70 miles of 8- to16-inch pipelines to serve all three entities. The new system implementation consisted of installation of new pipelines and pump stations as well as modifying/renovating existing pipelines and pump stations. These additions will provide each entity with a long-term sustainable water supply.

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Northeast Regional Water District