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Grand Forks 48th Street Business Park Master Plan


Grand Forks, North Dakota

About the Project

Like many North Dakota communities, Grand Forks is experiencing substantial growth, particularly to the west and south.

This area of Grand Forks has stringent stormwater control standards that require the 100-year event be detained to 0.1 cfs per acre driven by the Corps-designed flood protection improvements in and around the City.

By comparison, typical pre-development peak discharge rates are much higher than 0.1 cfs per acre.

Project Details

Date: 2014 – 2015

Client: City of Grand Forks

Key Project Elements
  • Urban Drainage Analysis and Planning
  • Regional Stormwater Facilities
  • Multiple Public Stakeholders (City, Economic Development Association)
  • Development of Plat and Zoning Creation
  • Development of Stormwater, Wastewater, and Water Master Planning
  • Mass Grading Design for Right-of-Way and Lots
  • Detailed Design of Local Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Stormwater Systems

Business Park Development

The 48th Street Business Park is a planned 160-acre commercial and industrial business park. Several years ago, a stormwater facility had been designed and constructed within the business park plat to serve a small portion of the plat and meet the peak discharge control requirements for its service area.

Through our work with the City, AE2S was able to demonstrate that because of this site’s location, discharging at a much higher rate had zero impact on overall downstream flow conditions, which allowed AE2S to retrofit the outfall for the existing basin and design a much smaller second facility than would have been required under the City’s 0.1-cfs-per-acre criterion.

Alternatives to Final Design

After evaluating several alternatives for basin configurations, AE2S assisted the City in selecting a preferred alternative, and then developed final design and construction documents for the preferred alternative.

As part of the final design process, AE2S also worked with the City to develop an alternative side slope stabilization approach that differed from the City’s standard of riprapping the side slope along the normal pool water line.

Aggressive Schedule

The City had an aggressive schedule for construction of the basin to support developer requirements within the business park. AE2S leveraged our strong planning background to quickly develop the alternative regional stormwater plan while allowing for sufficient time to complete final design, bidding, and construction within the City’s overall timeline.

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Grand Forks 48th Street Business Park Master Plan