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Woodbury SCADA Design and Implementation


Woodbury, Minnesota

About the Project

The City of Woodbury encountered major challenges with their SCADA system, drawing attention to the need for replacement. AE2S assisted with the design process and provided technical expertise and collaboration for the SCADA system design update.
Project Details

Date: 2017 – 2018

Client: City of Woodbury

Key Project Elements
  • SCADA System Needs Assessment
  • Security Improvements Plan
  • Communications Feasibility
  • SCADA System Design and Construction Administration
  • Professional SCADA Programming Services
  • Ongoing SCADA System Support Services

A New SCADA System

AE2S first completed a comprehensive system assessment to perform a detailed review of the existing SCADA system and associated equipment. All PLCs, OITs, and telemetry radios were replaced.

The new SCADA system design entailed reconfiguring the high-speed wireless system into a ring topology for additional redundancy and adding fiber connectivity to water towers for live streaming, video surveillance, and backup SCADA communications.

Replacing SCADA servers provided the live standby redundancy desired for SCADA servers and an advanced reporting system for use of valuable system data. The telemetry network was configured for access control (card readers) at all wells, along with local video surveillance, email alerts, and video clips.

A Successful Partnership

AE2S’ proven background of designing, implementing, and supporting SCADA systems with prominent service and leading technologies provides the City a reliable partner for new SCADA system design.

This valued partnership prompted selection of AE2S for the programming and startup portion of the project, assuring the City that all equipment supplied on the project would operate the SCADA system as intended.

Customized SCADA System Programming

AE2S worked with operational staff to create control descriptions for each SCADA site, which was then used to document operation and program the SCADA system.

As part of the planning process, AE2S walked through the SCADA system screen samples to develop the City’s preferred SCADA screen layouts and navigation. The existing SCADA system remained in place for the duration of the project, allowing operations staff to ease into the new system, one site at a time.

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Woodbury SCADA Design and Implementation