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weber west pump station.

Weber West Pump Station


About the Project

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District selected AE2S to design the Weber South Pump Station.  The new 4,050-gpm capacity pump station is located on the District’s water treatment plant campus in Ogden, UT and replaced an existing pump station that had reached the end of its useful life.  The new facility takes supply drinking water from the 4.3-MG reservoir (clearwell) at the treatment facility and sends it to various receiving reservoirs located in South Ogden, Uintah Highlands, and Uintah City.

A New Pump House Structure and Site Work

The project included a new pump house structure and site work in compliance with Ogden City codes and standards, four (4) new 1,350-gpm end suction centrifugal pumps with associated process instrumentation, a 20-inch suction pipeline to the station, and a 20-inch discharge pipeline that connects directly the existing distribution system under a tight window for shut down to tie-in and commission the new facilities.

Using Technology to Help Make the Right Decisions Quickly

Through careful consideration of facility location, equipment type, motor speeds, and other detailed analyses, AE2S helped the District maintain projected construction costs well under budget and provided new functionality that makes the new pump station more user friendly, more efficient, requires lower maintenance than the prior facility, and provides additional capacity for future growth.  3D modeling of the pump station provided both the project team and the District the ability to make decisions quickly and make modifications to the design easily.  AE2S’ design team always has construction in mind, including efforts to get the most competitive bids and ensure timing is appropriate for successful execution of critical construction activities.

Project Details

Date: 2021-2023

Client: Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Key Project Elements
  • Establish a reliable water delivery solution on a shortened schedule
  • Client and UDOT collaboration, along with constant communication, drove project success
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Weber West Pump Station