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Havre Wastewater PER and Planning


Havre, Montana

About the Project

The City of Havre, MT operates a 1.8 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment facility. The City of Havre received a MPDES permit necessitating an upgrade to its treatment facility to meet more stringent ammonia and disinfection requirements.

Stringent nitrate plus nitrite, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus limits are expected in the next permit cycle. The City retained AE2S to prepare a preliminary engineering report (PER) to identify necessary upgrades for ammonia, age/condition issues, and pending nitrogen/phosphorus limits.

Project Details

Date: 2011 – 2016

Client: City of Havre

Key Project Elements
  • Regulatory Permitting Compliance
  • Nutrient Removal
  • I & I Study
  • Collection System Hydraulic Model
  • Funding Development

Enhancements through Alternative Development and Cost Analysis

The PER consisted of an infiltration and inflow (I&I) study of the collection system to identify inflow source issues, evaluation of the wastewater treatment facility, development of alternatives, and development of cost opinions related to effluent ammonia limits.

AE2S also designed biological nutrient removal (BNR) and miscellaneous upgrades, including pretreatment rehabilitation, influent pumping rehabilitation, converted anaerobic/anoxic zones (full BNR), new aeration basins, conversion to fine bubble diffusers with high efficiency turbo blowers, new RAS/WAS pumping, final clarifier rehabilitation/upgrades, digester supernatant management upgrades, conversion from chlorine disinfection to UV disinfection, a full SCADA replacement, electrical upgrades, new emergency generator, and miscellaneous additional upgrades. The project included BioWin modeling to evaluate BNR configurations, basin sizing, and digester supernatant impacts.

Funding Success and Efficient Construction

The PER was utilized to obtain funding through the State Revolving Fund (SRF), the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL), and the Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP). AE2S performed construction administration and inspection for the upgrades. A well developed sequencing plan allowed the construction to proceed smoothly while maintaining treatment operations.

A solid working relationship was developed with the Contractor that allowed the team to work through issues, such as the discovery of excessive corrosion in the influent wetwell behind the coatings, that required additional work to stabilize the structure prior to re-coating the structure.

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Havre Wastewater PER and Planning