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BDM Rural Water SCADA Upgrade


Britton, South Dakota

About the Project

BDM Rural Water knew that its SCADA system was outdated and needed improvements.  To determine the best path forward, BDM selected AE2S to perform a SCADA System Needs Assessment to develop a plan for upgrading the SCADA system.

Project Details

Date: 2019 – 2020

Client: BDM Rural Water System, Inc.

Key Project Elements
  • Recommended SCADA Improvement 
  • Developed Budget for Improvements

Delivering Assessment Report to Drive System Improvements

AE2S visited each site to document the control and telemetry systems, along with collaborating with BDM managers and operators to determine their short-term and long-term desires for their SCADA system.

Based on the data gathered and the future system requirements, AE2S provided a comprehensive SCADA System Needs Assessment Report that addressed the system’s short- and long-term needs, and provided project delivery options, costs estimates, and a proposed implementation schedule.

Implementing SCADA System Upgrades

Several of the report recommendations were incorporated with a pipeline and facility improvements project that was designed by AE2S in the fall/winter of 2018, and is currently under construction. These improvements include new pumps and pump controls, new control panels, and cellular-based telemetry.

The remaining Needs Assessment Report recommendations were incorporated into a comprehensive SCADA System improvements project.

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BDM Rural Water SCADA Upgrade