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Robbinsdale Water System Improvements


Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Community Faces Growth and Aging Infrastructure

The City of Robbinsdale is an inner ring suburb of the Minneapolis Metropolitan area with about 14,000 residents and provides an average of 2 MGD of potable water to the community.

The City became fully developed in the 1970s and was experiencing redevelopment and pressure to add additional density in various locations throughout the City.

The City had constructed three regional water treatment plants in the late 1960s to provide iron and manganese filtration, and those facilities had served them well for a very long time.

Unfortunately, these facilities were nearing the end of their useful life, and Robbinsdale was faced with significant infrastructure challenges to replace these water treatment plants.
Project Details

Date: 2019 – Present

Client: City of Robbinsdale

Key Project Elements
  • Feasibility Study
  • Water Supply
  • New Water Treatment Plant
  • Lime Softening
  • Water Tower
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Investing in the Future

Following a feasibility study and council engagement, it was determined that Robbinsdale would make a significant investment in its water system. In addition to the treatment plant replacement, Robbinsdale elected to replace two existing wells, connect all of its wells to one central treatment plant, and build a new water tower.

The City Council decided to proceed forward with a new centralized lime softening water treatment plant in order to improve the quality of the water they were providing to residents and businesses.

Seamless Partnership Streamlines Execution Process

AE2S teamed with Robbinsdale to complete all of these improvements under three separate projects, all of which would be constructed at the same time. Each of these projects addressed separate portions of Robbinsdale’s drinking water infrastructure, but they ultimately worked as an integrated system.

AE2S assembled a project team that had the right combination of expertise and experience to enable the team to jump right in and get to work with Robbinsdale staff.

The team was able to effectively evaluate and design a multitude of treatment processes, including groundwater lime softening, water tower design, and wellhead sustainability. Completing these projects on similar timelines, with complementary project teams and a central project manager, will allow for the seamless completion of each objective.
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Robbinsdale Water System Improvements