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Fargo Red River Pump Station 3D Scanning


Fargo, North Dakota

About the Project

The City of Fargo’s Red River Pump Station serves as the primary pumping facility to supply source water to its 45 million gallon per day (MGD) Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

To accommodate the increased demands brought on by the addition of West Fargo to the distribution system, and to allow the full capacity of the WTP to be utilized, the pumping capacity of the Red River Pump Station needed to be increased.

As part of the design to increase pumping capacity, a retrofit and a new building addition adjacent to the existing facility was proposed.

Project Details

Date: 2017

Client: City of Fargo

Key Project Elements
  • Interior and Exterior 3D Laser Scan
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Ability to Find Precise Measurements without Having to Revisit Site

Providing Efficient Retrofitting and Design

To properly retrofit and add on to the current building, a 3D laser scan was completed for both the interior and exterior of the facility. The scan provided a high-density point cloud that was used for multiple elements of the design process.

The point cloud was utilized for 3D modeling and design, checked for conflict avoidance with the existing infrastructure, and allowed for measurements to be made within the building while eliminating multiple site visits.

During construction, when exterior underground piping was exposed and found to be different than the assumed alignment, the 3D point cloud and model again proved to be valuable for an efficient redesign.

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Fargo Red River Pump Station 3D Scanning