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Aurora North Campus Communication Study


Aurora, Colorado

About the Project

The City of Aurora selected AE2S to perform two separate, but interconnected studies. The first portion of the study evaluated the existing fiber optic line between the North Campus Server Room and South Campus Server Room.

Project Details

Date: 2021 – Present

Client: City of Aurora

Key Project Elements
  • Evaluation of Fiber Optic Line
  • Alternative Radio Path Analysis

Assessing Fiber Optic Line Performance and Cost Analysis

Approximately three miles of fiber had been previously trenched in at a depth that caused it to be susceptible to damage by farming activities in the area. AE2S performed a survey on the existing line to confirm bury depth, fiber location, and coiled spare availability along the route.

With the data collected, AE2S provided costs associated with repair and replacement, evaluating several approach methods of installation to relocate the fiber out of harms way.

Alternative Radio Path Analysis

An alternative radio path analysis is being completed as the second part of the study with the goal of developing an alternative data traffic routing solution using radio in the event the fiber system failed.

The study outlines the approximate costs, tower heights, locations, etc., for a redundant backup. Using anticipated current and future traffic bandwidth projections, a preferred radio was selected. Software is being used to perform path analysis.

The final step of the project will be to develop final cost estimates for integrating a redundant radio system into the North Campus of Aurora.
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Aurora North Campus Communication Study