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Fargo Membrane WTP and Improvements Electrical Engineering


Fargo, North Dakota

About the Project

The Fargo Water Treatment Plant uses membrane filtration and reverse osmosis to disinfect raw water prior to distribution. Reverse osmosis is an electrical energy intensive treatment technology and its implementation necessitated multiple electrical distribution system upgrades.

Project Details

Date: 2010 – 2019

Client: City of Fargo

Key Project Elements
  • Membrane Water Treatment Plant
  • Medium Voltage Power Distribution
  • Transformers
  • Co-Generation During System Peaking
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • UL-1558 SWGR
  • UL-891 SWBD

Ensuring Continuous Power Supply and Optimizing Pump Operations

During construction, the AE2S electrical team worked in tandem with the serving electrical utility to install temporary power feeds to both the WTP’s high service pump station and generator building to ensure power was not disrupted. In addition, the switchgear upgrade and replacement was strategically sequenced to ensure the WTP was never without power.

The team developed new pump starting sequences for the generator to lessen the likelihood of it overloading during large pump starts. The new 2500kW, 4160V generator will provide emergency standby power, as well as the ability to “peak-shave” for the local utility company, resulting in significant electrical energy cost savings for the City.

The new generator will be connected to the local utility via an Extended Parallel Interconnection, including the ability to export power using sophisticated 2000A, 4160V generator paralleling switchgear.
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Fargo Membrane Water Treatment Plant and Improvements Electrical Engineering