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Clay County County-Wide Monument Rehabilitation Program


Clay County, Minnesota

AE2S has been the acting County Surveyor for Clay County, MN, performing numerous duties on an as-needed/on-call basis since 2015.

Duties include reviewing plats submitted for recordation, GIS field surveying and assistance, and acting as a resource to the general public as well as private surveyors working within Clay County.

We’ve performed cadastral surveying and monumentation for county highway projects, platting, and cadastral surveying and monumentation on a county-wide PLSS (Public Land Survey System) monument rehabilitation project.
Project Details

Date: 2015 – Present

Client: Clay County, MN

Key Project Elements
  • Cadastral Survey of Challenging Central Lakes Region of MN
  • County-Wide PLSS Research and Retracement
In 2015, AE2S began a county-wide PLSS monument rehabilitation project. We worked alongside the County GIS Department and Recorder to identify, survey, and record PLSS corners in strategic locations throughout the County.

We started by establishing six previously unrecorded northeast township corners in accordance with the Township Landmarks section of the Minnesota Statutes Relating to the Office of County Surveyor. We recovered, rehabilitated, or reestablished 93 PLSS corners in total.

The corners were spread over 24 sections, and a Certificate of Location of Government Corner (CoLoGC) was either confirmed or recorded for each corner. As with any PLSS cadastral survey, some corners were deemed lost, some obliterated, and some found.

In many cases, monuments were found and accepted, but either the corner was not recorded or it was poorly recorded. Knowing the importance of good corner accessories and records for the perpetuation of corner locations in the future, we took the time to improve the ties and CoLoGC’s of these corners.

We are currently working on rehabilitating the corners in two more townships (Parke and Eglon). These townships are located in “lake country” of central Minnesota and offer quite a challenge when following the original and subsequent surveyors of the area. However, AE2S’ experienced surveyors and numerous resources allows us to rise to the challenge.
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Clay County County-Wide Monument Rehabilitation Program