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Why isn’t anyone talking about copper with the Lead & Copper Rule Revisions?

By Marie Owens, PE The Lead & Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) are arguably the largest regulatory change in drinking water in over a decade. If you are anything like me, the pandemic has completely thrown off your perception of the… Continue Reading →

Employee Spotlight: Trevor Datwyler, PE, Utility Planning Practice Leader

Trevor Datwyler, PE, was recently promoted to manage AE2S’ new Utility Planning Practice. “The Utility Planning Practice is all about helping our clients make better decisions with their utilities,” he says. “I am excited about the unique skill set our… Continue Reading →

Steve Seibert Receives Inaugural Charles S. Vein Core Values Award

The Charles S. Vein Core Values Award recognizes Employee-Owners who exemplify AE2S’ core values of Vision, Passion, Integrity, Attitude, Value, and Relationships. AE2S created the new award in honor of the firm’s cofounder, Charlie Vein, who retired in 2021. “Throughout… Continue Reading →

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