The newly promoted AE2S Electrical Practice Leader did not originally intend to become an Electrical Engineer when he started thinking about his future profession. Adam Wahler, PE, initially attended North Dakota State College of Science to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Technology. “I came to realize how much I enjoyed learning the principles of Electrical Theory and wanted to expand upon that knowledge,” explains Adam. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at North Dakota State University.

Now that he has been working in the industry for more than a decade, Adam says he is pleased with the path he chose within the Electrical Engineering profession. “I chose consulting and working in a field designing vertical infrastructure as it best related to my interests of being hands-on, in the field, and watching infrastructure being built,” says Adam. “My favorite part about working at AE2S is having the privilege of collaborating with a very talented, passionate, hardworking, and client-focused team. We get to work on complicated large facilities, which is very exciting.”

Adam has worked on hundreds of projects since his career began. Though he is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Idaho, one of his most memorable projects happens to be very close to home. “The one I would call my favorite is the Fargo Membrane Water Treatment Plant Expansion. It was on the leading edge of designing it in a 3D BIM environment and was very challenging because the facility had to be built while keeping the existing water treatment plant campus operational,” says Adam. “It has also been very enjoyable to work on membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment facilities, PFAS removal projects, and large generator design projects.”

In early 2024, Adam began leading the AE2S Practice he has been part of for more than 10 years. “Adam’s deep understanding of our Electrical Practice, inquisitive attitude, and high expectations will continue all of the good things the Electrical Practice is known for as well as exploring additional service offerings,” says Scott Schaefer, PE, AE2S Practices Director.

Adam first joined AE2S in 2012 as a Project Manager in the firm’s Fargo office. That is about 60 miles north of Hankinson, North Dakota, where he grew up and continues to farm his family’s land. Family is extremely important to Adam. He and his high school sweetheart, Lani, have been happily married for 18 years in June. The couple has four children named Sydney, Camden, Brooklyn, and Christian. 

When he’s not working at AE2S or tending to his crops, you can find Adam enjoying the great outdoors with his family. He especially likes fishing and has traveled to Alaska to catch salmon and halibut and to Canada for large walleye. Closer to home, he tries to go ice fishing whenever he has time. He is always happy to bring his children along to enjoy the fun.