Nancy Zeigler is a standout Employee-Owner at AE2S, recognized for a decade of influential contributions to the Company’s core values.  Her recent receipt of the AE2S Charles S. Vein Core Values Award highlights the exceptional relationships she has built with coworkers and clients.  Consistently aligning with AE2S’s defining principles, she serves as an exceptional ambassador for the company.

Nancy has played an influential role in inspiring and motivating her colleagues, creating a ripple effect of positive energy throughout her teams.  “Her actions consistently demonstrate the core values of vision, passion, attitude, integrity, relationships, and value in everything about the way she lives and works,” Grant Meyer, AE2S CEO, said when he announced her nomination at the company-wide Employee Ownership Month celebration.  “She has been a skilled engineer, incredible mentor to many, and has built lasting client relationships,” he added.

Nancy regularly shares with colleagues what she has learned over the course of her career in water supply, storage, pumping and distribution, water and wastewater treatment, environmental studies, and solid waste disposal.  She mentors other engineers, maintaining a calm demeaner and an open door for questions, while serving as Senior Project Manager for water and wastewater projects in the Twin Cities metro area.  She received her MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Maryland and her BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia.  As a licensed Professional Engineer in Minnesota and Maryland, she works out of the firm’s Maple Grove, Minnesota office.

Nancy’s core values were a good match for AE2S from the start, as she has exhibited integrity and honesty in all her interactions with team members and other AE2S colleagues.  While the AE2S core values are an inherent part of the company’s character and a big part of its success, they are also a large part of Nancy’s success.  One coworker explained how Nancy is known as a patient teacher, whether it’s project management, design work, client relations, or working with an internal team.  She steps in and helps with whatever is needed and leads with grace and humility.

Nancy brings her values to relationships outside of the company as well.  At client meetings and conferences, many industry colleagues seek out Nancy for her guidance, thanks to her respected advice and approachability.  One coworker said that Nancy wins projects because her relationships are so strong, and clients trust her.  A standout in the water industry and at AE2S, she was a natural choice for the award.

AE2S created the Charles S. Vein Core Values Award in 2021 in honor of Charlie after his retirement. Charlie was online virtually for Nancy’s award announcement that was broadcast company-wide and was happy to see her receive it.  Nominations for Nancy came from numerous Employee-Owners who shared the impact she had had on them.

One nominator said: “Nancy has displayed exemplary character throughout a decades-long career in our industry.  From communicating with clients to mentoring younger coworkers, Nancy always goes the extra mile to build strong relationships.”

Another nominator explained how Nancy takes the time to mentor, provide new experiences, advocate for opportunities on his behalf, and “ALWAYS makes time for questions, guidance and teaching.”

For Nancy, these core values are not just a list; they are a way of life.  She says, “Our leadership team continues to promote and model them. AE2S has provided me opportunities to work on excellent projects with great coworkers and clients and serve the community in the process.”

She continues: “Receiving the Charles S. Vein Core Values Award is a tremendous honor, and I am very grateful and humbled by it.  I am thankful for Charlie Vein who founded AE2S with exceptional core values and continued to model them through the years.”

When she is not guiding young engineers or building client relationships at AE2S, Nancy enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and glamping in her RV, fishing in Canada, golfing, and taking her Cavapoo dog, Rocky, for walks.  She and her husband Rick have two adult children, Sarah and John (married to Nicole), and two grandchildren – Zoey and Asher.

Nancy impacts people, whether at home or at work.  Grant says, “That came through clearly in the nominations.  Not just the way Nancy models herself and reflects our core values, but the impact she has on other people. Personally, professionally, throughout the organization and the industry.  That was amazing to feel – the impact that Nancy has on everyone who works with her.”