PFAS Test Order Issued to 3M Company and Wacker Chemical Corp.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USPEA) has issued the fourth Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) test order requiring testing on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) under USEPA’s National PFAS Testing Strategy

This action orders the 3M Company and Wacker Chemical Corporation to conduct and submit testing on the physical-chemical properties of 2-(N-Methylperfluoro-1-octanesulfonamido) ethanol (NMeFOSE), including testing on the health effects following inhalation of the chemical. NMeFOSE has been used widely in products, including clothing and carpet treatments as well as paint and varnish for furniture. NMeFOSE has been found in the air and in biosolids, which are a byproduct of water reclamation processes often used on agricultural fields as fertilizer. Studies have also demonstrated that NMeFOSE can accumulate in indoor dust and air, as well as in outdoor environmental media.

After thoroughly examining existing hazard and exposure data, USEPA has concluded that NMeFOSE may present an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment. The potential hazards from exposure to this chemical could include damage to the nervous system and immune system, as well as cancer. The test order will help USEPA better understand the potential hazards and potential exposures associated with NMeFOSE. 

The order employs a tiered testing process, as TSCA requires. The results of all the first-tier testing are required to be submitted to USEPA within one year of the effective date of March 25, 2024. The order and any data submitted in response to this order will be made publicly available on the USEPA website.