Get the Lead Out Initiative to Accelerate Removal of Lead Service Lines Nationwide

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) announced the new Get the Lead Out (GLO) Initiative to help ensure safer drinking water for communities. Through the GLO initiative, which is funded entirely by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and is in partnership with the Department of Labor, USEPA will partner with 200 underserved communities nationwide to provide the technical assistance they need to identify and remove lead service lines.

GLO will help participating communities identify lead services lines, develop replacement plans, and apply for funding to get the lead out. Communities seeking to access GLO Initiative resources can request assistance by completing USEPA’s Water Technical Assistance form on the WaterTA webpage.

This assistance is in addition to the signed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that includes $15 billion dedicated to lead service line replacement and $11.7 billion of general Drinking Water State Revolving Funds that can also be used for lead service line replacement. To date, USEPA has awarded over $3.5 billion in funding for lead service line replacement across the country.