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Fargo Park District Urban Plains Meandering Stream


Fargo, North Dakota

About the Project

The Urban Plains complex was constructed in 2008 and created a network surface water feature that could be utilized for recreational activities. Allowing recreational activities to occur on the ponds (i.e., kayaking and paddle boarding) required the system to include water quality treatment.

After operating as designed for over five years, surface water started draining from the system and the main ponds are unable to maintain the designed normal water level.

Project Details

Date: 2015 – 2016

Client: City of Fargo Park District

Key Project Elements
  • Two-Stage Stream Section
  • Rock Riffles
  • Stream Toe Protection
  • Lift Station
  • Native Vegetation

Facility Redesign for Enhanced Recreational Experience

AE2S has been hired by the Park District to re-design the facility to create a “Lazy River” through the two main ponds. Part of this project will include two, 25-foot long pedestrian bridges with associated abutments and foundations will span the stormwater channel “Lazy River.” AE2S is in the process of providing the Park District a concept plan to determine the most feasible option.
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Fargo Park District Urban Plains Meandering Stream