Assisting clients with managing, maintaining, and enhancing the role that water resources plays in their daily lives.

Stormwater Management

has evolved throughout the years. With feet firmly planted on both the technical and regulatory sides of the fence, we can assist you in all facets of stormwater management, whether it is development and management of your municipal stormwater program, stormwater master planning, or developing site specific stormwater management plans.

AE2S staff have a proven record in analysis, planning, and design of as well as traditional stormwater features such as detention basins, but also features such as infiltration basins, stormwater wetlands, bioretention facilities, raingardens, pervious pavement, water harvesting and reuse systems, and bioswales. This breadth of experience allows us to provide stormwater management solutions that satisfy multiple objectives while understanding the proper application and limitations of each practice. And we’re not just advising our clients to utilize new practices, we’re using them ourselves. Our corporate office site includes a rainwater harvesting/reuse system and permeable pavements coupled with a landscape integrated detention basin.

Services Include:

  • Municipal Stormwater Program assistance (i.e., assistance with implementation, compliance, and reporting for MS4 permits and stormwater management ordinances)
  • Stormwater Master Planning
    • Water Quality
    • Water Quantity (Both peak flows and volume reduction)
    • Integration with Open Space/Landscaping
  • Stormwater Utilities (Financial)
  • Construction-Time Stormwater Management
    • SWPPP preparation
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Development of internal standards and practices for compliance

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Water Quality and Permitting

Water quality standards directly impact wastewater and stormwater infrastructure requirements. AE2S has assisted clients in navigating the oftentimes complex water quality permitting process to negotiate permits that work best for each client's individual situation, existing infrastructure, and future plans. AE2S also keeps you informed of future water quality permit issues through our newsletter The Update.

Water Resource Management and Ecosystem Restoration

Lakes, streams, and wetlands play an integral role in our environment. Over the course of time, these water resources can become degraded for a variety of reasons. Ecological restoration requires a multi-disciplinary approach to negotiate the regulatory process, develop a balanced engineering and ecosystem restoration design, and provide the long-term management necessary to result in a successful restoration project. AE2S’ Water Resources Group can assist you by defining the scope of the problem including collection of water quality and site data, as well as development of restoration alternatives that meet the overall objectives for your project.

Flood Plains

Floodwaters can be devastating, something which AE2S employees can attest to first-hand. AE2S can assist you in development of flood protection plans, dam safety and failure analysis, floodplain analysis, and flooding studies – all with the goal in mind of keeping area residents safe from the impacts of floodwaters.

Flood Response and Recovery

When floodwaters are rising, we can help you protect and minimize damage to critical infrastructure. As they start to recede, we’re there to help assess damage and restore critical services, guide and coordinate FEMA deliverables, and provide extension of staff services in engineering, operations, and construction management. We’ll use our firsthand experience gained from multiple flooding events to get you on the road to recovery.

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