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     Water is life.

    AE2S is a leader in water servicesFrom basic human survival to the life and prosperity of a City or region, having a good quality source of water is essential. For over two decades, AE2S has helped our clients with water issues – lack of a good source, quality and meeting regulations, and quantity. Water issues can be complex and may require services from water planning, studies and reports, supply, treatment, storage and pumping to controls and telemetry to water transmission/distribution and modeling....

    AE2S Water Services  

     Wastewater – A fact of life.

    AE2S is experienced providing wastewater solutionsWastewater may not be a glamorous subject, but it is a very important one. Having a well thought out, proactive wastewater utility is important to a City for its citizens as well as attracting industries and other developments. The way an industry handles its wastewater affects our environment and guidelines continue to tighten to accommodate this new “green” thinking. AE2S assists our clients by providing a full range of wastewater system services. We have personnel who have faced the challenges of managing a wastewater utility and understand the complexities involved. Seasoned project managers and project engineers possess extensive planning, collection, and treatment system experience.

    AE2S Wastewater Expertise 

     Water – The essential resource.

    Water mattersThroughout time, civilizations have been built around water resources: harnessing the power for commerce; utilizing the pathways for transit; storing and transferring the water for domestic use, crop production and manufacturing; harvesting plants and animals for food; and using the resources for general recreation. AE2S’ Water Resources Group has been assembled to assist clients to manage, maintain, and enhance the role that water resources play in their daily lives.

    AE2S Water Resources Services 

     From the ground up.

    civil engineering experience in the upper midwestWhether you are a municipality, an industry, or a private developer, the need for civil engineering services are necessary for a well planned infrastructure system. From municipal subdivisions to street improvements to industrial developments, AE2S thrives on challenge, insists on quality, and builds value for our client in every project. There is always a better, more efficient way to do each project, and finding that way is our priority.

    Our civil engineering service does not stop there however. We are committed to the life cycle of your projects, helping you maintain your infrastructure throughout its life, maximizing its longevity. This approach also helps you plan for future infrastructure needs while keeping an eye out for funding opportunities, lessening the impact on infrastructure budgeting.

    AE2S Civil Engineering 

     Information at your fingertips.

    GIS and MappingAE2S has helped many clients, including municipalities, regional water systems, airports, and health and education institutions use GIS technology to integrate database information with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by interactive maps. Through interactive desktop or web-based GIS, valuable information, such as pipe size and material, land ownership, legal descriptions, etc. can be viewed by the click of a mouse or touch of an iPad.

    AE2S GIS/Mapping Services 


    surveyingOur clients benefit from our wealth of survey experience. AE2S has successfully completed surveys for projects that range from $500 to $5,000,000. Our repertoire includes 3-D Laser Scanning, GPS control, GIS data capture, boundary surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys, topographic surveys, aerial ground control surveys, platting, and construction staking.

    AE2S Surveying Services 


    ae2s electrical engineeringMore than just circuit design and wiring, electrical engineering is essential to make facilities run smoothly and operate efficiently. Our electrical engineering group brings a powerful combination of design, bidding and construction experience in numerous aspects of electrical projects, including water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment and collection, power generation, power distribution, lighting, controls, instrumentation and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Even down to the details - from computer-generated load-flow analysis to short-circuit studies, our team can make sure your systems are performing at the optimum level. Now that’s empowering.

    AE2S Electrical Engineering 

     A Solid Foundation

    structural engineeringStructural integrity is critically important in any construction project. The AE2S Structural Engineering Division eagerly lends its expertise to architectural, industrial, and construction projects in the region. The division focuses on structural integrity, cost-effectiveness, limiting environmental impacts, and meeting functionality and aesthetics needs.

    AE2S Structural Engineering 

     Vital Components

    ae2s I and CControls are vital components in the everyday business of running an industry. AE2S is a full service control system integrator. Our control system programmers can provide upgrades, service, and support to existing control systems, or design an entirely new system.

    AE2S Instrumentation & Controls 

     AE2S Helping Your Success

    ae2s I and CAE2S steps beyond the confines of municipalities and continues its growth in strategy and new markets. Investment in new technologies, expansion of boundaries, and diversification of staff and expertise has allowed AE2S to succeed in private industry.

    AE2S Industrial Services 

     How healthy are your underground assets?

    ae2s asset managementEvery day, communities around the country face challenging decisions on how to efficiently utilize the limited amount of funding available to fix existing utilities. AE2S collaboratively works with clients to investigate assessment techniques that deliver the specific data desired, provides resources and assistance to develop an improvements game plan, and knows the most cost effective and efficient construction techniques.

    Underground Infrastructure Services 

     AE2S Nexus Financial Services

    ae2s nexus financialSince 1999, AE2S has established itself as a regional resource for utility enterprise financial consultation beyond our reputation as strong drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater specialists. In 2010, AE2S launched AE2S Nexus to assist public and private clients with issues beyond traditional engineering services. AE2S Nexus provides utility rate analysis, funding/project development, asset management, and economic development services. Financial services provided include: cost of service analysis, rate design, revenue adequacy analysis, rate modeling, benchmarking, water and wastewater service agreement support, funding development, funding administration, and asset management. We are proud to serve as a valuable resource to our clients through these financial value-added service.

    AE2S Nexus website

     AE2S Communications

    ae2s marketing and communicationsStrong public relations and outreach are valuable, and sometimes critical, components of many projects. Creating a clear and consistent positive message and delivering that message through the most effective media to reach the target audience is crucial to ensure projects progress as smoothly as possible.

    With nearly two decades of experience in public relations and outreach, the AE2S marketing and communications team specializes in presenting complex, technical information in a way that is clear and easy to understand for key stakeholders, policymakers, and the general public. Learn about the wide range of services we offer by visting our website.

    AE2S Communications website

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