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As information for rural water, public works, or an entire city continues to increase, resources to manage this information need to improve as well. That is where Geographic Information Systems (GIS) comes in. AE2S has helped many clients, including municipalities, rural water systems, airports, health and education institutions utilize GIS technology to integrate database information with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by interactive maps. Through interactive desktop or web-based GIS, valuable information, such as pipe size and material, land ownership, legal descriptions, etc. can be viewed by the click of a mouse or touch of an iPad.

Web-Based and More

Advances in technology have made GIS easier to use and available on a wider variety of platforms, such a tablet computers and smartphones. We are able to provide GIS solutions tailored to your exact needs.

What Sets AE2S GIS Apart?

AE2S has been providing GIS solutions since the 1990s for clients throughout the Upper Midwest. AE2S GIS is built to engineering-level precision, providing a high degree of accuracy suitable for engineering applications and detailed analysis. Our team approach combines the skills and knowledge of our engineers, surveyors, programmers, and GIS specialists to provide the best client-friendly solution.

AE2S is not tied to a single software or interface platform. We tailor the application to what works best for you with a high level of client service and responsiveness. Our relationship doesn't end with installation of the product and data on your system; we are always available for technical support or updates. We are there for you as an extension of your staff.

For the latest GIS information, news, and tips and tricks, check out the AE2S GIS Blog.

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