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Upcoming Regulations to Watch

There are eight contaminants on our radar that are likely be regulated in the future. We've assembled a list for our clients that includes the name of each contaminant with its source, regulatory schedule, health effects, best available treatment strategy for removal, and the potential impacts to utilities.

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Water Contaminant Database Sparks Concerns

A recent increase in media interest about drinking water contaminants and local water quality can be credited in part to the release of the Tap Water Database by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Find out how one utility corrected misinformation about its water quality and get tips for responding to media inquiries about contaminants in your utility's water system.

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Make Your Water Quality Report Work for You

Your water system is likely already equipped with the information customers are seeking, thanks to the Safe Drinking Water Act requirement to provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to the public. Check out seven ways to proactively promote your utility's water quality, using your CCR.

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