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MN Governor Signs Wastewater Treatment Incentive Bill

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill into law on May 12, 2016 to create a State program to encourage the removal of phosphorus, nitrogen or nitrates at wastewater treatment plants. Chapter 104 - S.F. 3272 provides "regulatory certainty" incentives for investing in biological nutrient treatment technology.

The law says municipalities that receive public funds to voluntarily construct a biological nutrient removal system could request regulatory certainty that would protect them from more stringent standards for phosphorus, nitrogen, and nitrates for up to 20 years. Industrial national pollutant discharge elimination system / state disposal system (NPDES/SDS) permit holders can also request regulatory certainty for voluntarily implementing a biological nutrient removal system.

The deadline for applications under Chapter 104 is December 31, 2031 or the day following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) approval of a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) adopted total nitrate-nitrogen aquatic life water quality - whichever occurs first.

The Minnesota League of Cities says a facility that already uses biological systems to remove phosphorus would also be eligible to apply for regulatory certainty if it is willing to add nitrogen and nitrate treatment. The MPCA still has to design the application process and criteria to enter this program, as well as seek final approval from the Federal government.

If you have questions about Chapter 104 in Minnesota, contact Scott Schaefer, AE2S Wastewater Practice Leader, at Scott.Schaefer@ae2s.com.

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