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USEPA Extends Public Comment Period on Forest Road Stormwater Discharges

forestThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has extended the public comment period for seeking additional information on the effectiveness of existing regulatory and non-regulatory programs to address water quality impacts associated with stormwater discharges from forest roads. The updated deadline is February 12, 2016. USEPA says it extended the comment period in response to several requests from the public.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), "forest road runoff” is the sediment-laden runoff from forest roads that threatens drinking water supplies and kills fish and other aquatic life, and road construction and road use are the main sources of this pollution. The NRDC says USEPA has identified many effective pollution control measures to solve this problem, such as identifying special areas for protection, including wetlands and streamside vegetation, limiting forestry activities to certain times of the year, and designing proper controls into roads, construction, and maintenance activities to reduce and control sediment in runoff. However, USEPA does not currently require that any of the pollution control measures be used. After public input has been considered, USEPA expects to release its determination on May 26, 2016 regarding whether stormwater discharges from forest roads are required to be regulated under the Clean Water Act.

Click here to access the Public Register and provide comment regarding water quality impacts associated with stormwater discharges from forest roads. If you have questions about stormwater runoff regulations, contact Jeff Hruby, PE, AE2S Civil Practices Director, at Jeff.Hruby@ae2s.com.


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