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Updates to USEPA’s Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Data Access Tool (NPDAT)

EPAThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has added updated data in the Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Access Tool (NPDAT), an application intended to help states develop effective nitrogen and phosphorus source reduction strategies.

The updated data layers are as follows:

  • “Facilities Likely to Discharge Nitrogen/Phosphorus (N/P) to Water” now provides information on N/P discharges from 2014 facility monitoring reports and corresponding nitrogen and phosphorus limits from USEPA’s Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool.
  • “Waters Listed for N/P Impairments” and “Waters with N/P Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)” data layers now reflect data pulled from the Assessment TMDL Tracking And ImplementatioN System (ATTAINS) as of May 2015.
  • “Drinking Water Sources” HUC12 Density data layer provides information on surface and ground water sources as of the fourth quarter of 2014.
NPDAT and the updated data layers can be accessed by clicking here. If you have questions about the NPDAT, contact Scott Schaefer, AE2S Wastewater Practice Leader, at Scott.Schaefer@ae2s.com or Lucas Rengstorf, AE2S GIS Coordinator, at Lucas.Rengstorf@ae2s.com.


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