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Research Unveils New Approaches for Monitoring Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Surface Waters

WEFWater Environment Federation (WEF) is providing the public access to an article that outlines research which examines new approaches that could facilitate more efficient monitoring of contaminants of emerging concern in surface waters. The research was conducted by Minji Park, David Reckhow, Michael Lavine, Erik Rosenfeldt, Benjamin Stanford, and Mi-Hyun Park. The article appeared in WEF's November 2014 issue of Water Environment Research (WER) journal.

“Using cluster and principal component analyses, Park et al. investigated the occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern, namely endocrine disrupting compounds such as herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products, in Lake Mead,” says Tim Ellis, WER Editor-in-Chief. “The authors found that monthly, or even less frequent, sampling was sufficient to capture the occurrence of contaminants at specific locations that were under the influence of water resource recovery facilities. The cluster of contaminants was likely due to specific site characteristics such as hydrological conditions. With this approach, the authors were able to eliminate redundant sampling locations and minimize sampling intervals."

The "Multivariate Analyses for Monitoring EDCs and PPCPs in a Lake Water" article is available free to the public through WER's open-access program. Click the link above to download the article.

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