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Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction to Block Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

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WEF Announces New Stormwater Institute

WEFThe Water Environment Federation (WEF), historically a wastewater organization, is expanding to include stormwater. At WEFTEC 2015, the organization unveiled its new WEF Stormwater Institute, a new Center of Excellence.

As part of the initiative, WEF also released a comprehensive report detailing the challenges, opportunities, and pathways to improving U.S. stormwater systems entitled, “Rainfall to Results: The Future of Stormwater". The report includes case studies, best practices, and funding information for stormwater projects.  

Click here to access additional information about the WEF Stormwater Institute. Twitter users can also follow @WEFstormwater to view tweets by the WEF Stormwater Institute.


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