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Montana DEQ Launches Hazardous Materials Notification Program

Montana signThe Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has implemented a web-based data center to track the facilities in the State where hazardous chemicals are used or stored. The E-Plan for Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) chemical storage reporting system is used by State agencies, local governments, and fire departments for emergency response. The tool can be used for incident pre-planning, management of hazardous chemical site information, and risk and vulnerability analyses.

E-Plan collects hazardous materials reports, called Tier II reports, filed by chemical plants, refineries, pipelines, and hazardous material storage facilities. Montana and the USEPA worked with E-Plan administrators to enter all facility data from 2012 annual reports so the data is up to date for 2013 annual reports. Almost 1,200 Montana facilities have been entered into the system to date.

The web-based system also makes it easier for facility administrators to file their required reports. Before E-Plan, companies were required to submit reports to individual States. The information was submitted by hard copy, email, or fax and then stored. Now companies can simply enter or upload their reports to E-Plan. In addition to Tier II data, E-Plan includes maps of the area surrounding a fixed facility that show schools, hospitals, other Tier II reporting facilities, etc., as well as Facility Emergency Response Plans, facility diagrams and building floor plans, and Material Safety Data Sheets.

For more information about E-Plan, contact Bonnie Lovelace, Montana DEQ Regulatory Affairs Manager at BLovelace2@mt.gov, or access the DEQ's Tier II Reporting site by clicking here.



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