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National Campaign Showcases the Value of Water

Value of WaterA group of nonprofit organizations and water industry leaders have come together to form the Value of Water Coalition. The group unveiled a new campaign aimed at informing Americans about the value of water and the challenges facing the country's aging water infrastructure. It is commonly known to the water industry that communities across the U.S. are relying on water infrastructure that needs to be repaired or replaced. The Coalition estimates $1.3 trillion in repairs and upgrades will need to be made to the country's water infrastructure over the next 25 years. “While a majority of Americans believes clean water is of vital importance to the nation, just 40 percent of Americans think the same of water infrastructure, showing the clear disconnect this campaign aims to fix,” says Eileen O’Neill, Acting Executive Director of the Water Environment Foundation (WEF). “Because much of our water system lies unseen underground, there is an awareness gap among the public that needs to be overcome in order to drive the support necessary to institute real and much-needed change.”

The Coalition represents city water utilities, non-profit water associations, water services, and technology companies. The campaign marks the first time such a broad group of water businesses and nonprofit associations has come together. “This unprecedented effort by such a diverse group of organizations representing the public and private sectors, drinking water and clean water, really highlights the importance of addressing the challenges facing the U.S.,” says David LaFrance, American Water Works Association Executive Director.

The campaign's website, www.thevalueofwater.org, will aggregate the latest news and information on water-related issues and share the information via articles, videos, infographics, and social media to educate the public about the state of the country's water infrastructure.



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