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MN State Agencies Phase Out Triclosan Usecleaning supplies

All Minnesota State agencies must discontinue the use of hand soaps, as well as dish and laundry cleaning products that contain triclosan by June of this year. Governor Mark Dayton recently issued an Executive Order to require State agencies to implement sustainability action plans to reduce pollution and toxics, increase energy efficiency, and conserve resources.

“By purchasing items without triclosan, State agencies are doing their part to keep this harmful chemical out of Minnesota waters,” says Cathy Moeger, a sustainability manager at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The State was able to use its collective buying power and developed contracts for hand soap and dish and laundry cleaning products that are triclosan-free. In some situations, uses of triclosan-containing products may be allowed in medical or other specific settings.

Triclosan, an endocrine-disrupting compound, is believed to contribute to antibiotic resistance. It is an antimicrobial ingredient in products like hand soap, toothpaste, cleaning products, fabric, toys, kitchenware, and industrial pesticides. The Minnesota Department of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and American Medical Association say there is no evidence that triclosan provides any benefit over washing with regular soap and water.

A recent University of Minnesota study found triclosan is being detected at increasing levels in several of Minnesota’s freshwater lakes. Researchers also found an increasing amount of other chemical compounds, called “chlorinated triclosan derivatives,” that form when triclosan is exposed to chlorine during the wastewater disinfection process. To access more information about the University of Minnesota study, click here.






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