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WEF Messaging Campaign Aims to Increase Water Infrastructure Investment

Water's Worth It

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) wants to put water issues on the front burner during this presidential election year. The tentatively titled "Water 4 Jobs" portion of the "Water's Worth It" campaign aims to raise awareness about the value and importance of water, water-related issues, and the water profession. It's set to officially kick off on September 19.

In the months leading up to the election, WEF plans to focus its Water 4 Jobs outreach efforts on the swing states, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and the upcoming presidential debates.

Some of the key Water 4 Jobs messages include:

  • Investment in water infrastructure safeguards public health.
  • Investment in water infrastructure is good for the economy and brings local jobs to communities.
  • The country's aging infrastructure and a lack of federal funding for water infrastructure projects needs to be remedied.
  • Infrastructure inefficiencies drive up costs.

Eric Dodds, AE2S Fargo-Moorhead Operations Manager, is also a WEF Delegate-at-Large and the Chair of the WEF Students and Young Professionals Committee. He recently participated in a meeting at WEF headquarters to learn more about the Water 4 Jobs program. Dodds says, "Simply put, the goal is to get water messages on the national agenda. The message of this campaign needs to be heard from the federal level down to the smallest cities in the U.S. Water infrastructure is arguably the most crucial public service that Americans use every day."

WEF leaders are encouraging water professionals to spread the word about the importance of public water systems to everyone, from family and friends to local city leaders. For information about how you can get involved, check out WEF's "Water's Worth It" website by clicking here. The site includes a pledge that you can sign to affirm your commitment to the cause, several fact sheets, and merchandise decorated with the Water's Worth It logo.




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