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Great Lakes Grants to Combat Invasive Species

zebra musselThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has announced the recipients of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GRLI) grants. The program includes $8 million for projects to combat invasive species in the Great Lakes basin which includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Ohio. “These EPA grants will prevent the spread of invasive species, increase the accuracy of early detection techniques, and control non-native flora and fauna that have invaded the Great Lakes basin,” said Susan Hedman, Great Lakes National Program Manager / Region 5 Administrator. Over the last three years, the GLRI has provided $172 million for the prevention, detection, and control of invasive species in the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Here are the three grants that will benefit programs in Minnesota:

  • $150,000 to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy to prevent the release of toxic substances in the Great Lakes region by providing businesses that use toxic chemicals with "green chemistry" tools and practices such as replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternatives.
  • $400,000 to the Regents of University of Minnesota for the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network (GLSGN) to implement a research, education, and outreach initiative to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species via the sale of bait, aquarium fish, and other live organisms in trade. GLSGN will host a research symposium and implement several outreach programs, including an expanded version of the "Nab the Aquatic Invader!" youth education program.
  • $233,830 to Wildlife Forever to develop and implement a multimedia informational program to show waterfowl hunters how to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species via the transport of waterfowl hunting equipment such as boats and trailers, decoys, hunting dogs, and blinds in the Great Lakes basin.

View the full list of the 2012 USEPA grants for fighting invasive species by clicking here.



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