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ND Chapter of NASECAStorm sewer

The North American Stormwater and Erosion Control Association’s (NASECA) newest chapter is in North Dakota.  NASECA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing individuals from the stormwater and erosion control industry together to discuss, inform, and network. There are already chapters in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Wisconsin. 

NASECA-ND Vice President Jeff Hruby says, “There is currently a void in the regulatory, policy, and technical discussion of stormwater management and erosion and sediment control in North Dakota.  Our goal is to have NASECA-ND fill that void and provide a forum to facilitate discussion and educate members.”

The long-term goals of the organization include providing communication and training for stormwater and erosion control to its members and the general public, as well as providing a forum where members can exchange information and ideas.  NASECA also aims to promote cooperation between government agencies and between the private and public sector.

The North Dakota chapter elected board members at its first meeting, which was held in conjunction with the North Dakota Water Pollution Control Conference in Grand Forks, ND.

NASECA-ND Officers:

President: Colleen Peterson, City of Bismarck Stormwater Coordinator

Vice-President: Jeff Hruby, AE2S Water Resources Group Manager

Secretary: Melanie Parvey, City of Grand Forks Environmental/Greenway/Administrative Manager

Treasurer: Reed Schwartzkopf, City of Jamestown City Engineer

Board Member: Matthew Sperry, NDDOT Environmental and Transportation Services Division

Hruby says the board will likely expand next year to include four additional members.  The group hopes to recruit board members who can represent the ND Department of Health, a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) community in the western part of the State, and a material supplier.  If you’re interested in getting involved with NASECA-ND, please contact Jeff Hruby at Jeff.Hruby@ae2s.com.





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