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AWWA Issues Two Updated Manuals M6 manual

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has issued two updated editions of its Manuals of Water Supply Practices: Water Meters - Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance (M6) and Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems (M32).

It is imperative that water utility professionals are able to accurately meter water since it often determines the revenue stream for water utilities, and ensures they are fairly charging their customers. AWWA warns that meters that are not sized correctly, maintained properly, or replaced before they become too inaccurate, typically under-register customer usage and limit a utility's ability to receive adequate revenue. M6 covers all types of meters - from residential to commerical and industrial.

The revised edition of M32 addresses water utility tools for managing and operating water distribution systems.  In addition to illustrating the importance of developing an accurate computer model of your system, the manual discusses using modeling to solve many problems and to optimize hydraulics and water quality. 

The revised M32 manual addresses using distribution models to:

  • Predict pressures & flows
  • Evaluate layouts & designs
  • Solve operating problems
  • Investigate control schemes
  • Size components
  • Analyze flushing programs
  • Analyze pipe maintenance & rehabilitation programs
  • Calculate energy costs
  • Analyze water quality

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