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USEPA Unveils "How's My Waterway'" App & Website

smart phoneThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has a new app and website called "How's My Waterway" to help people find information about the condition of thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams. "How’s My Waterway" uses GPS technology, zip code or city name to provide information about the quality of local bodies of water.

“Communities and neighborhoods across the U.S. want to know that their local lakes, rivers and streams are healthy and safe to enjoy with their families,” said Nancy Stoner, acting assistant administrator for USEPA’s Office of Water. “This new app provides easy, user-friendly access to the health of a waterway, whether it is safe for swimming and fishing, and what is being done about any reported problems. People can get this information whether researching at a desktop or standing streamside looking at a smart phone.”

Here's how it works:

• SEARCH: Go to http://www.epa.gov/mywaterway and allow the GPS technology to identify the nearest streams, rivers or lakes. You can also enter a zip code or city name instead of using GPS.

• RESULTS: Instantly receive a list of waterways within five miles of the search location. Each waterway is identified as unpolluted, polluted or unassessed. A map option offers the user a view of the search area with the results color-coded by assessment status.

• DISCOVER: Once a specific lake, river or stream is selected, the "How’s My Waterway" app and website provides information on the type of pollution reported for that waterway and what has been done by USEPA and the state to reduce it.

• MORE: A Related Links page connects users to access more information about beaches, drinking water, or fish and wildlife habitats based on specific search criteria.



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