Using Oblique View Video in GIS to document pre-construction field conditions


After a major pipeline project is complete, sometimes claims come in that land hasn’t been properly reclaimed.  In these situations wouldn’t it be nice to have evidence showing the actual conditions of the land before construction to verify the severity or validity of the claim? By incorporating spatially referenced Oblique View Videos from drones in GIS with the Full Motion Videos addin, you’ll have the visuals needed to answer this question and provide proof of pre-construction conditions.

Aside from documentation of pre-construction field condition, oblique view videos provide value as follows:
– Gain a better understanding of areas and corridor; great perspective of trees, highline poles, steep topographic relief, farmsteads, and crossing of wetlands, rivers, railroads, and roads
– Useful application to review detailed design work from another point of view
– Appealing in communication pieces helping the public understand large scale construction projects

When using the Oblique View Video in GIS with the Full Motion Video addin you can:
– Make measurements in the oblique view video
– Overlay GIS data into the oblique view video if the drone video comes with detailed sensor information
– Add mark ups to the oblique view video that will show up in the GIS as well
– Export screen shots quickly to power point slides of the oblique view video and the GIS map at the same location
– See the drone location and field of view move with the oblique view video in the GIS

Using FMV within GIS brings a whole new perspective and feel to the GIS platform.