A Picture is Worth a Thousand…Maps?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a map book that contains data about each feature as well as a photo to further corroborate the story?  What about the ability to bring the field indoors and make maintenance decisions from the comfort of your office? Photos of structures, signs, trees, etc. collected and attached to feature data using ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector App bring your map book to life!

First, you’ll need a feature class with images attached. To make sure your feature class contains attachments, use one of the two methods below to view them:

Method 1:  Use the HTML Popup tool on the Tools toolbar. Click on a point with the HTML Popup Tool and a window will open showing the photo and its attribute information in HTML format.Method 2: Open the feature class attribute table and right-click on the gray square to the left of the feature. Choose Open Attachment Manager and double click the attachment.

Using Method 2 above, open one of the attachments, look at the properties of the photo and note the path:

Next, go to the Layout tab of the map. Enable Data Driven Pages.  Insert>Picture and browse to the path noted in the attachment properties (highlighted above).  Once the picture is in the layout view, right click>Properties.  Choose “Attachment from Data Driven Pages” and Apply.

Regenerate the data driven pages and you will have created a mapbook containing not only point location, but dynamic photos detailing data for your project. Enjoy!