Replace the Clip Board with Smart Forms by Utilizing Survey123 for ArcGIS

Why Use Survey123?

Mobile devices and desktop computers are tools that have changed the way data is collected and analyzed. The standard paper form to ask questions can be transformed into a simple and intuitive solution that not only makes asking and answering questions easy but analyzing and sharing the data seamless.

Where to Get Survey123

Survey123 for ArcGIS is an application that is free to download for the desktop and any mobile device for both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded at:

Use Templates for Set-Up

In order to setup a survey, an ArcGIS Online subscription is needed. The setup is done through the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. Excel XLS spread sheets are used to create and test the survey forms to see how the end user will use the survey. There are also many template forms provided. Below is a an example of what a form can look like.

A survey form can be produced to include anything from adding photos, location, and signature to intuitive questioning based on pervious answers. Survey123 can be made secure to individuals within your organization with an ArcGIS Online subscription and you can also view and perform analysis.

Implement It

If you would like the public to have the ability to use the application and view the data gathered, it can be done! It’s as simple as adding the feature service created by application to an ArcGIS Online web map and then creating a web map app to show the feature service in the attribute widget.

This application helps to streamline data collection and analyze the data like never before. It helps to standardize the data that is being collected which reduces time. There are an infinite amount of possibilities for this application. What projects can you think of that could utilize such a tool?