What Everybody Ought to Know About Geotagged Photos

You just got back to the office after taking some photos with your phone. And you want to not only look at your pictures, but see where they were taken.

We’ve all been there. Did you know that ArcGIS has a tool to put your photos right into an ArcMap document, pointing to the location where they were taken? And that it’s really easy to use?

  1. Make sure that geotagging is turned on for your mobile device or camera. When you snap a picture, that means that the location will be recorded too. Search the web for your specific device to ensure that geotagging is enabled before you head out. You might even want to test this process first before going out.
  2. After taking your pictures, load the photo files onto your computer and save them into their own folder.
  3. Run the Geotagged Photos to Points tool. Be sure to save the output feature class into a geodatabase. Also, check the box to Add Photos as Attachments.
  4. To see the photos associated with the newly added photo points, use the HTML Popup tool on the Tools toolbar.
  5. When you click on a point with the HTML Popup tool, a window will open showing the photo and its details. You can move the photo window, and also open other photo windows.

Pretty easy! The applications for this tool are endless.

How will you, or how do you already use the Geotagged Photos to Points tool?