Happy GIS Day 2016!

GIS Day is celebrated world-wide by users of GIS technology. It is a day set aside to educate people about the many capabilities of GIS.

At AE2S, one of the ways we are celebrating GIS Day is to get everyone in our company involved. We’re holding a challenge to submit photos in 5 categories through a mobile mapping app. Then, submitted photos are voted on to determine the winner in each category.

The AE2S GIS team would like you to take a moment on November 16, 2016 (GIS Day) to ponder what we can do for you. The first thought many have when they hear ‘GIS’ is ‘maps’. Yes, we can make you a map of nearly anything you can dream up, but really that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more, from analyzing data to assisting with procedures and workflows, to communicating grand ideas with clients and local residents. The list goes on.

So, this GIS Day, celebrate a little. Think about the world we’re living in today, with all its technology and all its grand ideas. GIS can help bring many of those ideas to life – give us a try!


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