Improve Land or Easement Acquisition Projects with Workflow Manager

Normally GIS plays an important part in the Land or Easement Acquisition process by managing parcel information and preparing maps, but GIS can do more.  By leveraging the capabilities of Workflow Manager (Extension of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server), a GIS centric platform can be created that is easy to operate, visually appealing, and able to answer all your acquisition questions.

This application visually shows the status of individual parcels through a workflow diagram along with the status of the project as a whole through pie charts and graphs.  By customizing the application, parcels can be searched quickly by project number or landowner name.  To keep the information relevant and everyone on the same page, users with the proper permissions can update landowner information, attach supporting documents (courthouse deeds, letters sent, signed agreements), and input comments.

Below are screen shots and bullet points that highlight its functionality:


  • View parcels on a simplistic GIS
  • Analyze staff workload


  • Answer questions through queries
  • Visualize project status through charts or graphs



  • Visualize and standardize an acquisition process as a workflow
  • Track steps completed within the workflow diagram
  • Send email notifications as steps are completed in the workflow



  • Manage courthouse documents (courthouse documents, ROE, etc.)



  • Enter landowner information



  • Share comments related to the parcels

As you can see our unique customization of the Workflow Manager application capitalize on its logical interface and visual appearance.  We think Workflow Manager can be applied and beneficial to a variety of scenarios.