Happy GIS Day!

Isn’t it cool that there is a whole holiday to celebrate GIS? At AE2S, we think so.

We’re doing a number of things to observe GIS Day. First of all, our staff will be participating in a Wonders of the World Imagery Contest, where participants will¬†guess the locations of a series of aerial images and win prizes.

We will also be reaching out to our community. From 3-4 p.m. in the Education Building, Room 113 at UND, Lucas Rengstorf, GIS Coordinator at AE2S and a UND Geography alumnus, will present “Use of GIS for Water Utilities”.

But the last celebration item takes the cake: prepared by Lucas’s amazing wife Amanda for the Grand Forks staff to enjoy.


What are you doing for GIS Day? Whatever it is, we hope that it’s mappy and happy!