Recap of the 2015 ND GIS User’s Conference in Fargo

September 28th and 29th I attended the ND GIS Conference in Fargo, ND.  It was a lively conference with a lot of participation from the private, municipal, state, federal, education, and non-profit sectors.  There was a very healthy mix of GIS professionals with a variety of backgrounds.  A lot of valuable information was obtained while I listened to presentations on optimal workflows for data sharing, application development and database management through ArcGIS Server, open source GIS uses, and some very interesting story maps.  Aside from the presentations, I participated in a hands on training related to ArcGIS Pro at the ESRI training lab.  A lot of great networking took place in the main exhibitor hall along with the social at Granite City.

The main event for me at the conference was presenting.   I was fortunate to present with Jonathan Braski from the City of Fargo.  We enjoyed telling our story about the uses of relationship classes for asset management in front of a full audience!  Similar to Grand Forks, the venue in Fargo did a great job accommodating all our needs.

Using Relationship Classes with Asset Management

In my opinion the 2015 ND GIS Conference was a huge success, and I’m already looking forward to the next ND GIS Conference in Bismarck!  Thanks you to everyone who put it together!