Quick Tip – Attributes & Editing

Here’s a nice little tip I stumbled on when consciously trying to use the Attributes window in ArcMap more often. I tend to edit right in the table 99% of the time, but I discovered this handy button which saves me a lot of time when editing.

When in editing mode, open the Attributes Window.


You need to have some symbology set up.


You won’t see it at first, click the attribute column you are going to change. See the 3 little dots button?


When you click that, a box pops up.

It shows your current symbology settings, and you can select a different symbol class. It automatically updates your table, and changes the point. This also works if you have subtypes set up, but I find this is great when you don’t. Saves me from potential typos when editing directly in the table.

For instance, lets say I need to edit this daycare facility because some tyrannt bought it and turned it into a community center. I select the point, click the 3 dot button on the right of it in the attributes window (highlighted), and then based on my symbology settings, choose a new symbol class – COMLIVING.


I click on COMLIVING in the Choose Symbol Class window and my point’s symbology is updated – as well as in my table.


Close Up view



 I confess, every now and then I can’t type the backspace key is my BFF I have an error due to misspelling – COMLIVING vs. COMLVING = uh oh.

This tip may be old hat to everyone, but if you’re like me  this really helps when entering data in my actual table.