AE2S Deploys Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS makes it as easy as possible for non-programmers to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device, no coding required.

Given that esri is phasing out additional updates for ArcGIS for Flex, this new application platform encapsulates much of that coveted widget technology, enabling organizations to develop new tools within the intuitive framework.

Recently, AE2S implemented the Web AppBuilder to better real-time track permission to survey and easement acquisition status in preliminary engineering phases of large-scale water pipeline projects in western North Dakota. We are able to customize the interface of each project to better serve the specific client, ranging from facilitating installation of the Western Area Water Supply pipelines to municipal GIS analysis to internal data collaboration. Different users require different layers and authentication, widgets, layouts, etc. and Web AppBuilder expedites creating a tailored experience that fits the needs of the user. The greater participatory GIS phenomenon also empowers non-traditional-GIS users, improving the workflow between AE2S and our diversified clientele of web map users.


Query Widget Simplifies Parcel Search

County GIS websites have provided parcel viewing services for the better part of this century in some municipalities. Web AppBuilder’s query widget makes creating parcel searches a simple process. For instance, an easement coordinator surveyor can now quickly reference a landowner by last name with the query widget.

After setting a few parameters of the search tool, the map user can view a sortable list of matching last names that are highlighted on the basemap and can be zoomed to in one-click.


Given the novelty of a lot of these features, it will be interesting to see what new widgets and interfaces will be available in the next five years and how esri and additional web mapping pioneers will better improve their core functionality and user experience.


Query parcel owner by name allows users the same functionality as the county GIS, creating a one-stop website.